Demon King 魔尊/苍兰诀 The Parting of the Orchid and Cang – 九鷺非香 (Jiu Lu Fei Xiang) Chapter 49.1

Artist: Martha Kisling

Illustration Note: Those are pear blossoms ^_^

Fun Fact: Kong Que translates to Peacock, so yes Kong Que can also be called Military Counselor Peacock, but I’ve chosen to keep his name because it sounds a bit weird seeing how he doesn’t look like a peacock lol.

If you read this somewhere else instead of then the translations has been posted WITHOUT permission of translator as translations©bananachocolatecosmos[dot]wordpress[dot]com 2018-present.

Pear Tree

Silver dust lifted from the earth, higher than my arms reach, you have mounted.

O silver, higher than my arms reach you front us with great mass; no flower ever opened so staunch a white leaf, no flower ever parted silver from such rare silver;

O white pear, your flower-tufts, thick on the branch, bring summer and ripe fruits in their purple hearts.

-Hilda Doolittle (1886 – 1961)

Glossary/Terms Clarification:

1. Mo zun: demon king / da ren mo zun: big shot demon king / Other nickname: Big devil

Dong Fang Qing Cang (his actual name): Meaning east/oriental for Dong Fang and Qing Cang can mean a combination of blue, green, and gray.

2. Xiao Hua Lan: Little Orchid’s pinyin name. She doesn’t really have a proper name and is simply called a small orchid, but I decided to capitalized her name to identify the female lead.

3. A Lan: taking from Little Orchid’s pinyin name as mentioned above. A is added for fondness and endearment.

4. Big Yu: A demonic snake with sharp scales and gigantic in size that can transports people by flying or swimming. Display obedience and allegiance to Dong Fang Qing Cang.

5. Owner of the demon market: A mysterious person in a wheelchair.

6. Die Yi: A female in purple clothing and takes the form of a purple butterfly. She serves the owner of the demon market.

7. Shang Que: Prime minister of the demon realm.

8. Kong Que: Commander/military counselor of the demon realm army


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